Hodson, P.I., LLC is a world leader in Open Source, Online and Social Media Investigations for Civil Court Cases, Pre-Trial Legal Matters and Insurance Defense.
Online and Social Media Investigative Experts
Diligent and Comprehensive results performed by qualified Social Media Investigators.  Court ready results obtained legally following all case law and E-Discovery laws.
Pinpoint Legal Results
Hodson P.I., LLC is an online, open source and Social Media investigation experts ready to provide detailed and diligent reports and court ready cpatures.
Online and Social Media Investigation Experts

Court Ready Evidence

Evidence that is court ready and captured following case law and E-discovery laws.  Our Investigators secure all evidence in anticipation for court.

Superior Results

Our diligent investigators will secure superior investigative results and provide a detailed report will court ready captures.

We Locate the Hard to Find.

Our license private investigators are trained and experienced in Open Source, Online and Social Media Investigations.  We find what others can not.

Professional SEO services

Renowned Social Media Investigators

Hodson P.I., LLC is known for superior, diligent and accurate results that surpass any other firm that offers Open Source, Online and Social Media Investigations.

Superior human intelligence and cross-checked information

Quick results done diligently and court ready

Rely on an experienced and knowledgeable team of Investigators

Full Service Private Investigations Agency

Online and Social Media Experts with full menu of investigative services.

Diligent and comprehensive social media and open source investigations for General Liability and Insurance Defense cases.  Superior report results performed by  licensed private investigators.   

Report results present after conducting propitiatory investigative techniques following all laws and privacy rules.  Results are a diligent, comprehensive, ethical and court ready report.

Defensible and Court ready results.  Court ready captures, meta-data and time date stamp.  The Social Media Investigation is done by a trained investigator, who can lay foundation for results.  All reports are analyzed twice upon completion.